In this article, I am going to discuss OOP concepts with real-world examples. First of all, let's see what is OOP?

What is OOP?

OOP - Object-Oriented Programming is a programming language that is based on objects. (Objects - real-world entities like book, vehicle, tree, etc..)

Now let's see what are OOP concepts.

There are 4 OOP concepts. They are,

  1. Polymorphism

Let's discuss it one by one.

1. Polymorphism

Polymorphism is the ability to exit in many forms.

Example 1: We can take a boy as a real-world example. This boy can be a student, a player, and a writer. …

In this article, I am going to show you how to retrieve files from an FTP server to a local directory using Spring Integration.

For this, I am using the Apache FTP server. You can download the latest version from this link. ( ) Download it and unzip the file.

As I mentioned in the heading we need to include the following maven dependency in our pom.xml. Here we use the spring-integration-ftp dependency to allow spring-boot to connect with the FTP server.

In this article, I am going to show How to download React components in the browser using a few simple steps.

Let's go step by step.

Step 01|

First, you need to create a react app. Open your terminal and run the following command to create a react app.

npx create-react-app pdf-download

Step 02|

Now there appears a folder named pdf-download. Move into that folder. To move to that folder run the following command in your terminal.

cd pdf-download

Step 03|

Now you need to install the react package which allows you to print react components as PDF. …

In this article, I am going to show with few easy steps how to convert .csv files into .json and .json file into .csv file using a simple javascript with npm.


Conversion of .json file into .csv file

Let's go step by step

Step 01 |

Run the npm code to initialize the npm package.

npm init -y

Step 02 |

Next lets install the package needed to convert .json file into .csv file.

npm install json2csv -s

Step 03 |

Create a javascript file as app.js. For that run the following code in your terminal.

touch app.js

Step 04 |

We are going to save .json file as .csv file. …

Installation of Laravel — The PHP Framework

Logo from Laravel Repository by Taylor Otwell

In this article, you can get to know how to install Laravel to your system within 5 steps.

Before that, you want to know about two main things we will find while installing Laravel.


A composer is a tool that includes all the dependencies and libraries. It allows a user to create a project with respect to the mentioned framework. All the dependencies are noted in the composer.json file which is placed in the source folder.

2. Artisan

The command-line interface used in Laravel is Artisan. …

Introduction to Laravel — The PHP Framework

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell. It is a powerful Model-View-Controller (MVC) PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Laravel offers a rich set of functionalities which incorporates the basic features of PHP frameworks.

It saves a lot of time if you are planning to develop a website from scratch.

A comprehensive introduction to ER & EER

Hi Readers!😍

Today I am going to tell you how to draw ER and EER diagrams for your database and how to map them into relational schemas.🤞

Before that here are some things you should know.

First Lets see what are ER and EER diagrams.

What are the ER diagrams?

ER diagram is a visual representation of data based on the ER model, and it describes how entities are related to each other in the database.

What are EER diagrams?

EER diagram is a visual representation of data, based on the EER model that is an extension of the original entity-relationship (ER) model.

When you read this article you…

Learn the Basics of Database Systems

Photo by Manuel Geissinger from Pexels

What is Data?

Representation of facts, concepts, or instructions in a formalized manner that should be suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by a human or electronic machine.

What is Information?

Data is organized, classified, or presented to make them meaningful or useful value for the receiver.

# Information to be meaningful the processed data must qualify for the following characters.

  • Timely - information should be available when required.

# Information is;

  • Contextualized: We know for what purpose the data was gathered.

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I am an undergraduate in the faculty of information technology University of Moratuwa, Sri lanka.

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